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A month-long celebration brought to you by VCS Art Departments

The concept of Spring into the Arts was generated and implemented by Elementary Art teachers at Valparaiso Community Schools.  We wanted to create an opportunity for students, artists, businesses, and the community to celebrate the Arts in an engaging and creative way.  

By providing various micro-events during the month timeline, we are able to merge art, technology, education, history, and feature our local businesses. Our goal is to give artists of all ages, as well as art forms of all styles, a platform to showcase just how ART transforms us.


As an OVERVIEW this Festival will have:


K-5 Art Exhibit in 6 downtown buildings

6-12 Art featured at Valpo Art House & Gallery

  • 2D/3D Art

  • Performance Art

  • Music Performances

  • Hands-on Workshops

  • Technological & Robotic Art

  • Film & Digital Art

  • Interactive Art & Live Art

Thou Art

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